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Servicing the Clutha district, Farm Effluent Cleaning are a nine-man team looking after farm effluent pond and pad compliance, cleaning and desludging.

Company owner, Devon Baird, says "we started using the Keenan Orbital Muck Spreaders over 14 years ago and haven't looked back since."

Having previously used another brands muck spreader which pushed all waste to the rear of the unit, Devon could see the benefits of moving to Keenan's counterpart. "What really stood out for me was how the Keenan spreader pushed everything to the front which provided much more stability when towing and allowed for more even weight distribution."

"With only a few bearings and all chains running through an oil bath, maintenance has been minimal but whenever required it never takes much to get the spreader back up and running. They're robust, durable, and reliable. The odd time that there has been a breakdown we've found the Keenan spreaders easy to empty and the issue easy to fix. From the get-go we've found our Keenan gear far superior to the previous equipment we were using."

When asked if he would continue using Keenan's Muck Orbital Spreaders in the future Devon was clear, "the quality and hardiness of the Keenan gear is second to none, and now with Action Agriculture opening their Gore branch, the local representation is a huge benefit. I don't see us moving to another brand."

Devon Baird

Farm Effluent Cleaning Ltd



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